My cousin Hannah’s 13th birthday in in two weeks, but since February, I’ve been sending her different gifts. By the time it’s her birthday, she’ll have 13 gifts. As many of you know, I’m going to Arizona for her birthday, so I want it to be special. This blog post is dedicated to you, Hannah. Gift # 7


H- Humble. Selfless. It’s never about Hannah.

A- Artful. Creative. Whenever I go to your house, you’re always in your room designing something new.

N- Neighborly. Friendly. You are a stranger to no one.

N- Necessary. Important. This world wouldn’t be whole without Hannah.

A- All-smiles. Happy. I see a smile on your face a lot more often then not.

H- Hilarious. Funny. You should see me laughing when I read your awesome e-mails.

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