My name is Madison. You can call me Mads or Maddog– really anything but Maddie. I started this blog when I was 11. A good amount of that original content has been deleted for your and my safety, but I have kept the original name and site. This blog has morphed into a space where I share how I’m growing and what I’m learning about who I am and who God is. For me, looking back at old entries tends to make me cringe and squirm, but I’ve kept most of my posts from the last several years as a written record of growth (because wow have I grown).

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona until I was twelve years old. I have lived in Santa Cruz, California since then until this year, in which I made my way to Spokane, Washington to attend Whitworth University. When I’m at school, I’m studying English and film and playing lacrosse. When I’m home, I work at a really wonderful local specialty coffee shop called Cat & Cloud Coffee.

My heroes include Brené Brown, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and my mom.

Writing is a part of who I am, and I believe stories are the secret sauce that brings humans together. So here are some of my stories.

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