Final Arizona Thoughts

I’ll start off by saying that yesterday was my last day of school. I was really hoping I wouldn’t start my day with tears, and I didn’t, but at lunch recess, when I went around to all my friends, telling them what I love about them, it got teary. I was all good and dandy until I got to my friend Lisa. All I said was, “In third grade,” and I couldn’t say anymore. We both looked at each other, smiled, started crying, and hugged. Later, at the end of the day, I went to my favorite teacher’s classroom. When she said goodbye, I couldn’t say it back, so I just waved and grinned.

Two Sundays ago (the 11th), was my family’s last Sunday at Chrio. Again, everything was fun and dandy until Thomas (our worship pastor) sang, “How Great Thou Art”. I was the first to start the tears. When Mrs. Oatman asked the kids to come up front, I knew I wouldn’t survive. While she was talking about us, I looked my mom in the eyes, and that’s when she started. Then my dad started because I started, then Caleb saw my dad cry, making him cry, then seeing Caleb cry, Cade started. Soon, the entire stage was full of tears. When Mrs. Oatman asked my dad if he wanted to say anything, he took the microphone, then shook his head saying, “I can’t. Let’s pray.”

I think that almost all of the goodbyes (or “See you later”s) are done. As well as the tears. After my last day of school- which I knew would be the hardest- I am now extremely excited. Now, I just. want. to. get. there. already. I’m all done packing, which rocks. My new house sounds awesome, which rocks my socks. And based on that information, life is good. All that I need to get over with is Christmas (which sounds awesome). Even though I won’t be getting presents, I’m in the most Holiday spirit that I’ve ever been. Anyway, I probably won’t be blogging until after Christmas, so until then…

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and a happy New Year!)

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