I Moved!

At last. We finally moved. Just so your prepared, this little blog post is all about the journey to get there. First, I want to thank everyone who helped us move and pack our truck: the Deans, the Lays, the Spisaks, my granparents, and I’m so sorry if I’m forgetting anyone, but everyone else who helped us load our jam-packed truck full of our junk. We were on the road by 1:45 with my mom and I in our van with Zoe, and the rest of the men in our U-Haul. That lasted until the first rest-stop when Cade and I switched (and I never left the truck afterwards). At about 7:00 p.m. CA time (DST), we landed in a La Quinta where Zoe and the rest of our clad slpet for the night. The next morning, we set off at 10:00 a.m. My dad wanted to fill up the truck with gas, butgetting out of a small gas station with a U-Haul and a Lexus SUV being towed behing isn’t exactly very simple or easy.

Apparently, getting out of the gas station wasn’t enough for the truck. Apparently, it wanted a ticket! At about 9:15, we get pulled over to be told we were going 15 mph over the speed limit! Evidently, (not according to U-Haul) we are considered a commercial truck and must drive in the truck lane and have a 55 mph speed limit! My dad tried to tell the officer that U-Haul told him to go whatever speed he was comfortable at and that he specifically wasn’t a commercial truck. Anyway, the stubborn officer decided that there was too much of the law broken to just let him off with a warning (might I add- wow)

After we got on the road again, eventually my dad didn’t want to drive anymore, so my lovely mother decided to take the truck wheel with me- there’s some great footage of that. It was pretty simple after that. I also might put in here how shaky the truck was. On Highway Five, it was extremely bumpy and I was trying to read… I think you can put that puzzle together. Anyway, I had a lot of fun.

When we arrived at my house, there was this sense of “Welcome Home!”, but it almost didn’t feel right. As soon as I got to my room, I wanted to unpack just to have a sense of normalcy. I couldn’t really unpack then, because my bed wasn’t set up- and when we tried to set it up, the guys on the 15th messed up so we had to start over and take everything apart… very disappointing.Now my room is unpacked except for one box full of clutter. People are really nice here- as far as i can tell. On the first day we got here, a neighbor made us brownies (delicious ones if I don’t say so myself). And today, one of the elders at Santa Cruz Bible Church brought over homemade dinner for us with his daughter. Life is super good now because my grandparents are here and that feels sort of normal. Now I just want some Santa Cruz friends to hang out with!

In the meantime, you should watch this video!

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