Goodbye House!

Alright. So starting today, my family is no longer living in our house. In fact, through December 27, we will be in three different homes. First (and right now) we are staying at my grandparent’s humble abode. On Friday, Caleb, Cade and I are staying with our cousins. Then, on Sunday night, we arrive at a home a few doors down from the Oatmans! How thankful we are!

Today (the 14th), my parents, a ton of friends, along with me, helped pack a full sized moving van. After filling it to the brim, my parents departed off with the first load of our stuff to Santa Cruz and will be coming home on Sunday evening.

The next load of information I’m giving you is that my cousins living in the Mideast are coming home for Christmas! Little Eli, Jack and my Aunt Heidi and Uncle Mark are going to be here soon, but these first weeks they are here, only family gets to hog them up. Then, during the second week of January, they’ll be back. I can’t wait to see Jack especially because the last I saw him in person, he was a baby infant.

I am starting a new section to this blog. If you want to know what it is (and I bet you do) then go ahead and click “Video Blog” on your menu up top. There you will find everything you need and the preview to the new section. If you really want to know what it is, it’s a video blog. I’m pretty much documenting the middle of the moving process because I want you guys to see what life is like in Santa Cruz!

After all of that information, I would like to let you that I can’t wait for the move and that the sadness is not so big right now, but that could change in a few days (my last day of school). Anyway, be ready for some awesome video blogging!

Until then….

Merry Christmas!

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