On Scotland

Scotland greeted me with lots of rain, clouds, and wind– a proper U.K. welcome, it seems. Here is a brief recap of my two weeks in this beautiful country!

In Glasgow, I got my first taste of what it’s like to explore a city alone– the wonderfully independent and freeing feeling it is to be anonymous in a new place and to know that each moment is entirely my own to hold and cherish. I also met the lonely feeling that sporadically struck of longing for someone to share these experiences with.

In St. Andrews, I essentially lived as a university student, rooming with my dear friend, Lily, who I also met through Connect (and whose family I stayed with in Glasgow). We picked up our friendship right where we left off, and together, along with her incredible group of friends, we explored her university’s little town and walked along the seas, which provided a welcome taste of home. I accompanied her to lectures, (free!) meals in her hall, ministry events, and group outings to the pub. I even extended my stay there an extra night because I was having too much fun.

And in my brief stay in Edinburgh, after enjoying a meal with another family I met at Connect, I stayed at The Light House Hostel, which is closely connected to another Christian hostel in Amsterdam that my good friend Rachel spent a year working at. Simply mentioning her name to the staff gave me instant good reputation and allowed us to immediately connect over much deeper topics than what I did in the city. I participated in their weekly community dinner, and a sweet, older Chinese woman staying at the hostel made all the travelers traditionally prepared tea from China as we exchanged stories.

It’s hard to believe that I’m only about two and a half weeks into this trip. With every single day holding such a high volume of new experiences, I’ve given up on trying to process everything. I’m starting to see that some moments are too precious to pick apart. My main goal at this point is to be present where I am and to show up authentically as myself.

I am, and will continue to be, so incredibly grateful for those who have so graciously opened their homes for me to stay at, or even simply eat a home-cooked meal in. I feel like I can’t say that enough. So thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

See you next time, Scotland!

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