On Italy

I don’t know if it’s just my social media feed, but there seem to be a heightened amount of trips to Europe this summer. Maybe it’s the fact that the people I’ve grown up with are graduated or soon to be graduating and now taking exciting vacations to celebrate. Maybe it’s because some people would rather be anywhere else but America. Whatever the reason, because of how many fun, exciting, and adventurous trips to Europe I am surrounded by, I instinctually feel self-conscious about the fact that I am asking for help in raising funds to send me to Europe in just three weeks (!!!).

But I want to clarify something. I am not simply requesting you to fund my dream vacation. I am inviting you to partner with me in my own spiritual journey. My trip to Italy will be centered around reuniting with close friends around the globe as well as discussing and resting in who Jesus is and how he shapes my life and is inviting me to expand his kingdom. Yes, there will be sightseeing and fun times all around, but I am most looking forward to strengthening these connections and interacting with the ever-widening kingdom of God.

I’m feeling a lot of the emotions I felt before my trip last year, but this time there is exponentially less uncertainty. Last year you and I both were unsure what exactly the trip would hold, and God remained so faithful in it being one of the most growth-filled trips I’ve ever experienced. This year, I am confident that again God will be faithful through every step of the way, anywhere in between raising the funds to allowing Italy to be yet another cherished time to be reminded of the ways that Christ is moving throughout the globe.

On the way there, I will be traveling alone, which is something I’ve never done for more than a 4 hour flight. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to prove my independence (especially because I’m somehow allowed be a legal adult in two months), but I’m anxious about how my extrovert self will handle such a long flight alone. I guess I will get to make some new friends! (Completely off topic side note: the ideal seating situation would be sitting window seat sitting next to a sweet older woman with the middle seat open and we chat for hours as she shares all the brilliant wisdom she has gathered from life)

My GoFundMe isn’t quite an accurate reflection of the support I’ve raised, because a good amount of money has been sent directly to my mom’s account through the organization, but I still do have a lot of funds to raise in the next few weeks. I invite you to consider whether partnering with me is something you feel God is guiding you to do, and I also ask for prayer that I would be able to raise the necessary support to be able to go on this incredible journey!

Thank you so much for all your prayer and continued support. I honestly cannot even describe how grateful I am.

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