Summer please come!

I need you today.

Please come right now

without further delay.


I need your blue skies,

I need your hot sun.

Oh, Summer please come!

‘Cause waiting’s no fun.


I’m really not kidding.

This is no joke.

If I have to do homework,

I’m going to choke.


Summer, where are you?

I’m done standing by.

I need your free time,

or I’m going to cry.


I want to go travel.

I want to do nothing.

I want all that freedom!

I’m truly not bluffing.


I guess what I’m saying

is that I need you at once.

If I wait one more second,

I’ll turn into a dunce.

One Reply to “Summer”

  1. You are such a great writer! I love this poem even though I don’t want summer to come as much as you do.. Love you


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