The World

I am controlled by the world.

Desperately clinging on to any acceptance offered to me.

Hopelessly wandering around, searching for who I am.

I am exhausted;

Exhausted from trying to live up to the world’s standards;

Exhausted from worldly things constantly failing me.

In my moment of exhaustion, I see a light in the distance.

Curiosity rushes through my eager bones;

I need any hope I can cling to.

It suddenly hits me like a thousand bricks, throwing me to the ground.

An overwhelming feeling rushes through my veins:


It fills every dark and empty space there ever was, ever will be;

It pays for every messed up thing I’ve ever done, ever will do;

It fixes every problem I’ve ever had, ever will have.

Greater than anything the world can ever offer me.

A Savior on a cross has redeemed me;

Redeemed me from a world of magicians.

Magicians who trick me.

Magicians who pretend to offer acceptance;

Pretend to fulfill any wish I could ever have.

But Jesus has saved me.

He carries no tricks up his sleeves.

He gives me salvation, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love.

In the arms of Jesus, I laugh at the world.


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