Knight in Shining Armor

Knight in Shining Armor

On his magnificent stallion, we ride into the night.

Gracefully, he maneuvers us around every obstacle.

His helmet glistens in the moonlight.

My arms hold on tightly to my Knight in Shining Armor.

I can feel the ice-cold wind pounding in my face,

But I don’t care– I am with my Knight in Shining Armor.

Every worry in the world vanishes as we journey to his castle,

For I know that there we will be safe.

I bury my head in his coat as we accelerate.

When I finally lift it up, I have a view of the city.

I hear the roar of a scooter engine beneath me.

My tight grip on my Knight in Shining Armor’s waist tightens as he smiles at me through the mirror.

Our home awaits our cozy arrival.

My grin turns into a beam as I remember my fantasy.

My daddy is my Knight in Shining Armor.

2 Replies to “Knight in Shining Armor”

  1. What a great poem. You have some great genes for writing. Your dad is a blessed man to have a daughter like you. Look forward to seeing you Thanksgiving.


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