Thirteen Years

For thirteen years, I have been extremely blessed. I’ve been blessed with a family that I love, laugh with, and could talk with forever and ever. I’ve been blessed with friends that are awesome beyond awesome. I’ve been blessed with so many people who love me. I’ve been blessed with a church community that is so amazing and wonderful. For thirteen years, I’ve been blessed with a God that never ceases to love me even when I don’t feel like loving Him.

I feel so fortunate to have the life that I have. I see people who come from broken home and think of the family waiting to hang out with me at home. I see kids who only focus on being popular and think of my cooky friends waiting for me at the lunch table. I see church leaders who devote their lives to serving the Lord and serving me and I think of how blessed I am.

I’ve got thirteen years down and plenty more to go!

Lots of love!

My dad is the best in the world!!! (Took me out to lunch!)


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