Rainy Day Thoughts

The sky is a blanket of grey. There is no glimpse of blue. No ray of sun.

The sheet of water pours over everything. It misses nothing. Always reaching it’s target.

The wind rages as if getting back at a foe. It stops at nothing. Everything is its enemy.

I sit comfortably inside. Gazing out my window. Snuggled up with a book.

Curiosity gets the best of me. I leap outside. Spin in the rain.

My hands in the air. Praising God. Laughing as if there was not a care in the world.

Earth is at my fingertips. The rain splashes in my freckled face.

The gloomy sky is no match for my happiness. There is no such thing as sadness. Fear does not exist.

Finally, I stop for a moment. I am soaked with water and power.

A clap of thunder roars. I jump in fright. Suddenly I feel protected.

No one can end my safety. It’s with me always.

I plop inside even more protected.  I have my warm cocoa.

I have never-ending love. I have overlapping happiness. I have everything I could ever want.

2 Replies to “Rainy Day Thoughts”

  1. Thank you Madison for the poem about rain. I could feel your joy and happiness and just the love of life , all because of Jesus! Keep writing . It blesses me. I love you.


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