Nail Polish and Me

Dear Nail Polish,

The stain you left is good as new! Thank you for spilling your entire dark purple contents onto the off-white carpet in the house that we don’t even own. Thank you for teaching me a lesson that I should never paint my nails on the carpet.
Thanks again,

Madison Gotthardt

Yup. The second unfortunate event that has kept me up for an hour or so during the late night this year. And yes. That letter was sarcasm because I didn’t even close to get it any better than what you see in the picture. Last night, as I was heading up the ladder to my loft, I realized I forgot something. I stepped down, and slipped on something round. Maybe a bottle of some sort. You guessed it! The opened bottle of dark purple nail polish. What did I do? The only thing I could think of- sprint downstairs (nearly wiping out), and tell my dad in a panic that somehow, an entire bottle of nail polish had spilled all over my room. You see, it was the perfect idea that afternoon. I was bored, and I had already read about a million pages of the fourth Harry Potter, and my toe nails were quite plain. So I grab a paper towel and happily walk upstairs, paint my nails, then go eat a snack.

Now we’re back up to speed. My dad was no expert on nail polish, so he went to my mom for help. I stood there feeling so angry at myself for letting this happened, while my dad looks up ways to get rid of nail polish on carpet, and my mom rubs the floor with an entire bottle of nail polish remover. This doesn’t sound like a huge deal- but when you’re exhausted, mad, and guilty, it seems like the world might just fall into a billion pieces any second now. Eventually, I got out my Kindle and started to read some Psalms. Hardly any of them had to do with David being mad at himself, but it’s something about knowing how merciful God is, and how powerful, mighty, and just God is, that makes you feel so much better. If I didn’t read those five or so chapters, I would have been the Madison that worried the entire night about what’s going to happen. I would have been the Madison that wouldn’t sleep at all. And I would have been the Madison that would tear herself apart with guilt.

But that’s not me now. I’ve done really silly things like that in the past. Things like stay up all night wondering where my DS was. I remembered a verse in the Bible about worrying. How it explained that you don’t need to worry because your problems are in His hands. And I don’t know about you, but that sounds way better then tearing myself apart with guilt. So last night, I just said plain and simple, “God, I don’t want this worry anymore. Here you go. It’s not my problem anymore.” And I have to admit that I slept so well last night. So much better then I would have even if that whole incident didn’t happen, because this tells me so much about how easy it is to give my problems to God. It took something so simple, yet so annoying, and flip-flopped it into something that showed me how I should be living. So in reality, I would truly like to thank  my dark purple nail polish for spilling all over my carpet because it helped my entire life.

2 Replies to “Nail Polish and Me”

  1. been there with the nail polish thing… also watch out for toilet bowl cleaner… i used to clean houses and spilt some on someone’s carpet once…it’s really heartbreaking because the carpet just sort of melts away in front of you b/c that stuff is so strong.

    one of my fave quotes about worrying: “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere!” I have this same problem of losing sleep over things… thanks for sharing!


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