I love Thanksgiving! I know it’s already passed, but I just love to write about it. The turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, fresh made rolls, and of course, the pumpkin pie. Since we have so many  members in our family living here, we always have our gathering at a large house. I even got some footage of it this year if you haven’t seen it already ( Being a Christian and celebrating Thanksgiving, it feels really important to truly give thanks. Even for the really simple things, such as family, food, and shelter.

Every year, it doesn’t matter where the Thanksgiving gathering is, there has to be a kickball game. The annual kickball game is worth the entire Thanksgiving Day and preperation. Also, we always play a game of “Chicken Tag” or “Chicken, Please!”. In this game, there are two taggers who try and tag people. If you’re tagged, you have to kneel down and say, “Chicken, please!” Someone with a rubber chicken will (hopefull) come over and hand you their chicken that makes them untaggable. If the reciever doesn’t say thank you, then the giver will take the chicken back happily. After the games, we have desert, and just hang out as a family.

Then there’s Black Friday. I’ve never actually been shopping for one, and I never really intend to. Maybe one day, I’ll go to see how crazy and dumb people are, but otherwise, it’s a big NO THANK YOU! I’ve heard stories of people being trampled, or pepper spray coming out just so they could get what they wanted. Usually those people don’t end up with what they intended.

Long story short, Thanksgiving is about family, and Black Friday is for those who like to be trampled.

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